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WWE Raw results (Sept.19, 2016)

Fifteen years in the foundation, he resembled no cadet they'd ever seen; a man so hard his veins drain ice, and when he talks he never says it twice... be that as it may, me, I'm only here to liveblog a wrestling appear, people.

Show opens with a recap of a week ago's Owens/Reigns headliner and the impedance from both Seth Rollins and Rusev.

No introduction video after, however, straight into Roman Reigns coming down to the ring. He's pacing indignantly, mic close by. He's been holding up an entire we- - Stephanie McMahon interferes. She knows Roman needs to cut a way of obliteration on Raw however she has a show to run. She and Mick have been discu- - Mick Foley intrudes! He's dressed less like Off-Duty Santa and more like Business Cactus Jack today, so you know he implies business.

He says that they came up with an answer and it was all his thought. A week ago was his deficiency, he wasn't sufficiently clear about his goals for the headliner. So this week, the two culprits, Rollins and Rusev, will have a match in this very ring. Roman says that is extraordinary, however what's it accomplish for him? HHH screwed him over and now Rusev's done likewise. ("Erase!" serenades break out, in light of the fact that 2016.) He's never going to see HHH again, yet he can in any event get hands on Rusev. Mick says that Roman can rest guaranteed that he will in truth face Rusev for the United States Championship at Clash of Champions.

Steph ensures that the match will happen and Roman says that is genuine consoling. Mick puts himself out there to guard Steph's valor and asks himself how the WWE Universe can boo Roman Reigns, however in all actuality they're all a player in the Raw family and occupied with a battle for survival against SmackDown. What's more, when the smoke clears, Steph will arrive on her feet, yet Mick is on the lounge chair, out of work. Steph tries to let him know that is not how it is but rather Mick brings up the way he's vanished from the organization for a considerable length of time at once and says he needs to make things right. Win, lose, or draw, the sum total of what he has is his personal pledges will be honored at all costs.

Mick then advises Roman that he's marked him to a rematch against Kevin Owens- - today evening time! Steph meets with him for a brief moment before Owens turns out himself. KO inquires as to whether this is a joke, saying he beat Roman twice a week ago, so he ought to get ready for his Universal Championship safeguard today and after that rubs in that he's in the headliner of Clash and Roman isn't. Steph says that what Mick says goes, yet includes that it's not for the WWE Universal Championship. Mick says that is reasonable and after that specifies that the match will be within a steel confine right here in Memphis, Tennessee!

Mick offers us to have a decent day and says the show begins for genuine right now, and Seth turns out in his rigging, so Rollins/Rusev must be up next! Rollins and Reigns go head to head a minute as Seth enters the ring and after that analysis puts the match over and hurls to business.

Once again from break with Steph and Mick contending over the headliner when Rusev moves up hollering "FOLEY!" and whining about Roman's title shot. What's more, he's going to make him wrestle that rodent Seth Rollins on his significant other's exceptional night, the night prior to her motion picture turns out! He guarantees that Foley is desirous of his family and Mick lets him know he can say whatever he loves in regards to his family however he has a match at this moment. Mick praises them in going as they leave and Rusev hollers more.

Mick answers his telephone and it's Chris Jericho, and we go to the ring.

Rusev versus Seth Rollins

Neckline and elbow, Rusev powers Rollins into the corner and breaks. Seth goes behind and begins laying strikes in, constraining Rusev into the corner thusly, however he doesn't break so decent, welcoming official Rod Zapata to force them separated. Rusev in with kicks and punches, scoops Seth up for a fallaway hammer yet Seth lands on his feet and hits a blockbuster off the second and a running dropkick that sends Rusev outside. Searching for that flying knee off the cook's garment yet Rusev ducks and pummels Rollins back-first into the ringpost.

Sends Seth back in and hits the twofold axehandle to Seth's lower back before lifting him up for a body hammer. Off the ropes into an elbow drop, Rusev with the spread yet Rollins shows right out and goes to the ropes. Hammer whip sends Seth into the corner hard and Rusev celebrates. Seth moderate to get to his feet yet he fires right hands at Rusev's waist. Rusev with a judo toss into the headbutt yet Seth reveals the way. Blade edge hacks from Rollins, whip, inversion, kicks Rusev in the slashes.

Rollins to the cover, cuts Rusev off and goes up top however Rusev tosses him from the corner to the mat and we go to business.

Once again from break and Rusev has a waistlock in however Seth is battling out. Lower arm breaks him free and he shoots to the ropes however Rusev cuts him right off with a body torrential slide and picks him off the ropes yet Seth lands on his feet and hits an enzuigiri for breathing room. Reverse STO into the turnbuckles, off the ropes for the sling cutting edge! Corner lower arm and a second, searching for a suplex yet Rusev hinders into one of his own yet Seth lands on his feet and flames a leg kick off. Bird of prey Arrow gets Rollins two!

Searching for Avada Kedavra however Roman pieces, Seth evades a roundhouse kick. Rusev with a pop-up knee to the midriff and he takes after with the roundhouse, fruitful this time. Rollins face down on the mat now and Rusev requires the Accolade as the group serenades "How about we go, Rollins!" Seth moves to the cook's garment before the step to the back. Rusev tries to cut him off and eats a superstar and a kick before Rollins takes after with the flying knee. Move down top for a moment and Rusev safeguards, Rollins with a suicide plunge!

Searching for a brief moment yet Rusev scrambles in. Seth with the low scaffold to send Rusev pull out and handles that second suicide jump! Seth lays a right turn in and takes after Rusev up the incline as Rod Zapata checks. They continue fighting...

Rusev versus Seth Rollins goes to a twofold check out draw.

Rusev drags Seth over to the critique station and searches for a powerbomb off the stage however Rollins slips out and fires a knee into Rusev has returned to thump him to the floor. Rollins on top of the critique work area, Michael Cole for all intents and purposes beseeching him to consider his title match Sunday... Plunging CROSSBODY!

Sliced to backstage where Dana and Charlotte are demonstrating Mick Foley how Sasha's shoulders were down a week ago and Charlotte tries to persuade him that there's no main contender therefore. Dana needs the tag drop for a Sasha/Bayley #1 Contender's match. Mick says that gives him an extraordinary thought, and he just makes the Clash of Champions match a triple risk, Bayley versus Charlotte (c) versus Sasha Banks, and expresses gratitude toward Dana for the thought. Charlotte exhaust and pushes Dana to the floor.

Off to business with a Hispanic Heritage video bundle about Cesar Chavez.

Once more from break and we're taking a gander at the confine over the ring for a minute prior to critique puts over the cruiserweight division and slice to video bundles putting Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick over.

At that point backstage with Jericho and Owens and Y2J tells Owens how strange it is that Foley is bringing his issues with Jericho out on KO. KO concurs and guarantees that Foley is pointless. Jericho yanks a clipboard far from some creation right hand and says he's going to make a rundown of everything Foley's done wrong, and he's not going to like... it.

Braun Strowman versus Sin Cara

They begin off mid-section to-mid-section and Braun pushes Sin Cara away. Sin Cara returns with kicks and strikes, goes behind for additional, evades Strowman charging in the corner and flames more kicks yet then Strowman levels him on the charge pull out. Running corner tether from the enormous man and he fires a step off before lifting Sin Cara up by the head and laying crossbody blows in.

Trapezius paw, Sin Cara splits it up with a jawbreaker and Braun tosses him outside. Braun eats a dropkick and a suicide plunge when he goes to development. Charging back in the ring, Sin Cara with a quebrada however Braun gets him...

Braun Strowman wins by pinfall with a running powerslam.

Braun gazes at Sin Cara's inclined body on the outside and we slice to Sasha Banks in back, extending before her match.

Bayley appears to advise her that she is so eager to be in the ring with her on Sunday, much the same as old times. Sasha recollects that them affectionately also, however this is another time, it's Monday Night Raw, and a week ago she had Bayley beat. Be that as it may, with all due admiration, Bayley says, she had Sasha beat. Be that as it may, whichever way one of them is going to be Raw Women's Champion then, however today evening time they're going to show them how it's finished. Michael Cole guarantees the match next and we go to break.

Bayley and Sasha Banks versus Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Sasha and Dana to begin, neckline and elbow, Dana goes behind for a waistlock, lifts Sasha up however she escapes into a side headlock. Dana shoots her off, Sasha back with a shoulder tackle and a pin and labels Bayley in. Bayley with an arm wringer however Dana cuts her off and labels Charlotte in. Boots to Bayley, goes to pummel her face into the turnbuckle yet Bayley inverts.

Dana on the ropes grumbling about Bayley abusing the champ and Bayley sends Charlotte face-first into her. Dana keeps running in and gets hurled outside and we go to business.

Once again from break and Charlotte has a surfboard on Bayley. Bayley battles to her feet yet Charlotte pummels her to the mat and labels Dana in. Snapmare, handstand knee drop for two, Bayley back in the corner, tag to Charlotte. Snapmare once more into the bowing surfboard with a knee to the back yet Bayley figures out how to function around and flip her away. Charlotte lifts her up and tosses her away to deny the tag. Whip into the corner, tails it with a major slash.

Searching for a brief moment however Bayley ducks, back elbow, arm drag off the second, clothesline gets two. Tag to Sasha, twofold group suplex on the champion gets two too. Slap, knucklelock, venture up the turnbuckles into the arm drag. Charlotte hurls Sasha into the turnbuckles and works her back over a pack before labeling to Dana. Handstand elbow drop to the back and another speedy tag.

Charlotte hurls Sasha to the mat and goes outside for a bow-and-bolt against the ringpost to further assault the harmed back. Another label, Dana in and she prods Sasha about needing the tag before laying an overhead elbow in and labeling back once more. Knee to Sasha's back and a blade edge cleave, she's slithering towards Bayley when Charlotte does the snapmare into the surfboard once more, tormenting Sasha's back.

Sasha out with knees and a headscissors takeover yet Charlotte gets her foot before she can get the tag and brings her down. Searching for the Figure Eight however Sasha kicks her away and gets the tag! Bayley runs Charlotte over, thumps Dana off the cook's garment and lays sliding elbows into the champ. Tube man back elbow, up to the second for the jumping corkscrew elbow, searching for the Bayley-to-Belly yet Dana snatches Charlotte's foot. At the point when Bayley goes to deal with the intruder...

Charlotte and Dana Brooke win by pinfall with a major boot from Charlotte on Bayley.

Charlotte and Dana celebrate up the incline while Bayley holds her jaw and Sasha looks on.

Discourse puts our steel confine headliner over and slice to Stephanie McMahon's office, where Seth Rollins is holding up outside. He minds himself up and we go to a house advertisement for SmackDown promising Cena/Ambrose and Ziggler/Miz for tomorrow night and after that to break.

Once again from business with the Memphis Grizzlies (a sportball group, one presumes) at ringside before we go to Seth in Steph's office. He enlightens Steph concerning all the great recollections they had here and he's befuddled. He needs to know why she discarded everything for Kevin Owens. She claims to have nothing to do with what Hunter did yet he's not having any of it. He needs to know, up close and personal, why. She takes an estimate and says possibly KO was correct, that Seth is the reason the WWE World Championship is on SmackDown around AJ Styles' midriff. What's more, perhaps Hunter was simply tired of Seth destroying his notoriety, possibly.

Seth says that possibly they'll make sense of after he wins on Sunday that they put their cash on the wrong stallion, perhaps then they'll return slithering to him. Then again perhaps not, possibly he'll be their most exceedingly bad dream, a champion they can't control since he knows all that they do before they do it and he can't be controlled. Steph doesn't value his tone, and she believes that KO is the right person for the occupation, that he has all out supplanted Seth Rollins as the man. Rollins says she's off-base. He says she used to be a genuine visionary yet she split when Shane returned, and he strolls off.

Bo Dallas out now, he cuts one of his sonnet promos, about how every one of our extensions need to smolder as companions swing to enemy and no one but he can Bo-lieve in Bo.

Bo Dallas versus Gary Graham

Bo in with a colossal back elbow to begin and afterward he goes to the ground and pound with Graham face up before moving him over and laying punches to the back of Graham's head. Step gets a schoolboy however he cuts Graham off and hangs him on the ropes, gets a cravate, and lays knees in. Bo tucks Graham's head in the overskirt and downpours hammer blows down.

Huge rope back in the ring, he gets the modified facelock and...

Bo Dallas wins by pinfall with the moving cutter.

Cesaro strolling back stage, and match number six in his best of seven against Sheamus is guaranteed up next!

Once again from business with Cole discussing WWE's endeavors to cure pediatric disease and into a video bundle recap for the Cruiserweight Classic finals.

Some meeting footage from prior next, with Sheamus saying that he doesn't feel any weight to win today evening time. Cesaro supposes he's some sort of overlooked wonder, yet he never wins the huge one. Sheamus is one win far from leaving Cesaro in the back perspective reflect and going ahead to his title opportunity.
Cesaro versus Sheamus (Best of Seven Series Match Six)

Sheamus charges right in, driving Cesaro to the corner and laying elbows into his harmed back. Straight suplex, back suplex backbreaker, another elbow to the back yet Cesaro's had enough and flames back his own particular strikes. Sheamus whips him and eats a kick to the shoulder, tilt-a-spin yet Cesaro slips out and goes for the Neutralizer. Sheamus out, eats a major uppercut and Cesaro's searching for the swing however Sheamus gets the ropes and monkey flips Cesaro over the ropes to the outside when he charges in, sending us back to business.

Once more from break and Sheamus has Cesaro on the second, searching for White Noise however Cesaro slips out and shoots a dropkick that sends Sheamus to the outside hard. Sheamus falters to the blockade and Cesaro accuses around of a major uppercut that sends Sheamus into the sportball men's laps. Sheamus into the ringpost and back inside, Cesaro ducks a tether and hits the springboard corkscrew uppercut.

Sheamus to the cook's garment, Cesaro to the second, thinking deadlift superplex however his back gives out and Sheamus hits White Noise on the smock! It can't exactly put Cesaro away, however. Sheamus is getting baffled now, begins beating his mid-section for the Brogue Kick however Cesaro ducks and moves him up before going for the Sharpshooter. Sheamus gets out and hits Irish Curse before searching for the High Cross and simply dropping Cesaro over his knee with the cross powerbomb backbreaker!

Sheamus has the cloverleaf in yet Cesaro's contending energetically. Almost at the ropes, Sheamus drags him back and Cesaro inverts to a pin! Irish Curse endeavor, Cesaro lands on his feet, Sheamus gets a rollup and puts his feet on the ropes, attempting to furnish a proportional payback from a week ago, however Rod Zapata sees it! Searching for the Neutralizer, Sheamus backgrounds him out of it and goes for the Brogue yet Cesaro ducks once more...

Cesaro wins by pinfall with the Gotch Neutralizer to even the best of seven arrangement up 3-3 and surety a seventh match.

Cesaro does a triumph lap and celebrates with fans at ringside as editorial recaps the match.

Sliced to backstage where Mick Foley is conversing with some person about how he supposes match seven ought to be at Clash of Champions when he has a visitor. It's Jericho, who says Foley's been making a ghastly showing with regards to as GM, upsetting him and KO, and goes so far as to recommend that Mick never enjoyed him. Foley says he by and by prescribed Jericho to Paul Heyman in the wake of seeing him wrestle Ultimo Dragon, and he dislike him now, but rather he loved him quite a long time ago. They continue jawing and Jericho educates him regarding the rundown he's making.

Foley says he can't hear him, Jericho asks him for what good reason and Foley says he's feeling the loss of an ear, inept numbskull, whereupon Jericho includes "taking catchphrases" to the rundown. Foley ridicules Jericho's design sense whereupon Jericho says that the scarf is extremely hot in Luxemburg (home of Cedric von Haussen!) and guarantees to tell the world what's on the List of Jericho. Off to break!

Once more from business and Chris Jericho's in the ring with his rundown. He advises the group not to boo him and discusses the loathsome employment he guarantees Mick Foley has been doing as general director. Number one, Mick Foley is attempting to drive a wedge amongst him and KO, number five is Mick's "repulsive design sense", number twelve is the way Foley has built up a warmth for Sami Zayn, and soon thereafter Big Cass and Enzo Amore turn out.

Enzo does the arrangement and they get in the ring, where he begins discussing how his GPS has an issue to address. Enzo doesn't think Y2J is closest companions with Kevin Owens, on the grounds that a genuine closest companion would have halted Jericho from wearing his vest/scarf combo. Cass says genuine closest companions resemble Enzo and Cass, Bart and Milhouse, Beavis and Butthead, Bert and Ernie, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan and Jericho interferes with saying his bit is stuck in the 90s.

Sparkling Stars out to offer some timeshares. The folks in the ring look so furious, they have to unwind at the Shining Star resort and inn! You can possess a little bit of the Carribbean with their exceedingly moderate timeshares, however before they can make a genuine pitch Big E does his thing and here come the New Day with boxes of Booty-Os to toss to the group.

Jericho asks what these three washouts are doing here and Kofi asks who he supposes he's conversing with, which brings about the owl contrivance. Huge E says they're around here in light of the fact that they don't have anything better to do and Xavier puts his YouTube channel over as being superior to a timeshare on the grounds that he's giving iPhones away, which the victors can use to call their family and let them know when New Day hold their titles on Sunday.

Enter the Club. Hangman's tree says that is precisely why they're going to win the label titles. Anderson says they beat them amidst the ring a week ago and their reaction is to discuss his strange YouTube channel and their dumb oat? Jericho's had enough and says that initially the List of Jericho was about Mick Foley, however now he's beginning a rundown of moronic simpletons and now everybody in the ring is on it.

Sami Zayn out now, yet he's not here to talk and just wallops Jericho and hurls him into the blockades before tossing him in the ring, where poop hits the fan, similar to it's the go-home for the Royal Rumble and we gotta remind people how a fight imperial functions, and that sends us to business.

Once again from break and we have a monster label match.

Enormous Cass, Enzo Amore, New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) and Sami Zayn versus Chris Jericho, Shining Stars (Epico and Primo), and the Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows)

Kofi and Jericho beginning, Jericho runs Kofi over with a shoulder piece and celebrates. Dropdown, jump, jump, Kofi with a back elbow and a turning crossbody. Tag to Zayn, Jericho labels Epico in, who eats an arm drag into an armbar and Sami drags him over for the tag to Big E. E with the stomach stretch in order to the New Day serenade before labeling Kofi back in.

Arm wringer, whip, inversion, Kofi gets a boot up as Epico charges in yet Gallows levels him from the cook's garment and labels in. Pushes Kofi into the corner and flames punch after punch at him before labeling Anderson in. Automatic weapon with a body hammer and a knee drop before securing an opposite chinlock. Kofi to his feet, out with elbows however Anderson sends him off the ropes and into a postponed turning spinebuster.

Primo labels in and shoot shots at Kofi, whip in the corner, monkey flip, Kofi labels Cass in! Cass clears house and drops Primo with a fallaway pummel and a Stinger Splash, taking after that with a body hammer and the Empire Elbow, yet Epico splits it up. Enzo hurls him to the cook's garment and charges in just to get low connected, and Cass boots Epico off. Everything separates as folks continue sending folks to the outside and E gives Kofi the back road oop onto everyone.

Back in the ring Jericho and Sami go at it, Sami gets the tornado DDT and Jericho avoids the Helluva Kick however Epico's there to eat it and...

Enzo wins the match for his group by pinfall with the helped sprinkle on Epico.

Discourse hurls to a recap of the opening fragment before putting the standards of the headliner over, tragically including getting away from the confine. Up next, the cruiserweight division, and we get a video bundle taking a gander at Gran Metalik and Rich Swann before we go to business.

Once more from break and Michael Cole talks more about their Hispanic Heritage battle before sending to a video bundle observing Eddie Guerrero's profession.

Mick Foley's live in the ring when we return, citing Mark Twain about canine battles and staggering over himself marginally. Anyway, WWE scoured the world for a portion of the best cruiserweights on the planet for the Cruiserweight Classic. He puts them over in some truly genuine yet non specific terms before saying they have four here today evening time for the main authority match of the cruiserweight division.

Rich Swann out to start with, then Gran Metalik, who gets a photo in-picture promo with no interpretation, which is somewhat confusing. At that point Cedric Alexander, who likewise cut a promo, discussing how the WWE Universe droned "Please sign Cedric" and saying that he'll ensure our voices are listened. Furthermore, last, yet not minimum, Brian Kendrick, who additionally gets a promo, saying they thought he was through when he was discharged, thus did he.

Mick reports that the victor faces TJ Perkins for the title at Clash of Champions and we're headed toward business.
Once more from break and the match begins right off.

Brian Kendrick versus Cedric Alexander versus Gran Metalik versus Rich Swann (WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender's Match)

Every one of the four men square off however Kendrick safeguards. Alexander with a kick to Metalik and an O'Connor Roll on Swann. Metalik kicks Cedric and reverse somersaults past Swann, jump, drop down, drop kick from Swann! Kendrick lays Swann out and stalks Metalik, accusing in of a lower arm however when he goes for one on Cedric he keeps running into an elbow himself. Cedric with slashes, whips Kendrick yet Brian snatches the ropes. Slingshot dropkick from Cedric to Kenrick and afterward a slingshot nightfall flip on Metalik.

Cedric catches up with an uppercut and a slash that sends Metalik to the ropes. Whip, searching for the Michinoku Driver yet Metalik escapes and hits a springboard trust fall elbow. Alexander back at it with a plunging rope however Swann cuts him off before he can underwrite and handles a snapmare into a kick to the back. Kendrick in, Swann hurls him out and snatches the Dragon Sleeper with his arms bolted in the face of his good faith. Alexander to his feet, hack and an elbow to the back of Swann's neck.

Swann fires his very own hack back and we're having a slash fight. They duck roundhouses, Swann with a headscissors takeover yet Cedric lands on his feet. Huge right hand from Swann! Hacking Cedric in the corner, whip, Cedric over, reverse somersault into a headscissors takeover and Metalik returns with those cleaves that left TJP ridiculous. Cedric with a colossal tope con giro on Kendrick and he arrives on his feet! Brillo Metalik!

Every one of the four men sprawled outside as the group drops a "This is marvelous!" Metalik moves Cedric back in and searches for a springboard yet Kendrick cuts him off. Knee lift to Cedric in the ropes, yet Swann hauls Kendrick out and lays a major right and a hack in yet when he tries to send Brian in the ring, Swann gets throwed into the blockade and the means. Kendrick battles Metalik off and traps Swann's foot in the means before kicking his leg out of his leg! Kendrick heads back in and we're set for business!

Once more from break and Kendrick has a figure four headscissors on Alexander however Metalik splits it up with a plunging elbow! Swann separates Metalik's pin and Metalik gives him a ropewalk rocket dropkick and a standing meteorite press for two consequently. Drags Swann into position and goes up top for a moonsault yet Swann gets his feet up and hits a TIGER DRIVER! Pocketknife PIN! Be that as it may, Cedric splits it up! Lower arm to Swann, and another, Cedric sends him off the ropes thinking Michinoku Driver yet Swann squares him and gets a waistlock. German denied, handspring enzuigiri gets two on Swann!

Kendrick in, he eats an elbow yet sends Cedric outside. Cut Bread #2 endeavor yet Metalik gets him off of Swann, so Kendrick drops him with a major DDT! Kendrick possibly thinking Burning Hammer however Cedric cuts him off with a knee. Swann drops Cedric thus and drags him over. Bounce, jump, standing 450! Be that as it may, Kendrick splits it up! The spanning reverse chinlock form of the Bully Choke is in, crisply renamed the Captain's Hook! Metalik splits it up, searching for the Metalik Driver however Cedric breaks out... LUMBAR CHECK! In any case, Kendrick's on him before he can underwrite!

Brian Kendrick wins by accommodation with the Captain's Hook, getting to be #1 contender to TJ Perkins' Cruiserweight Championship.

Analysis puts the match and TJP's push to win the entire thing in any case before recapping the Alicia Fox/Nia Jax circumstance and declaring that they'll have a commencement match at Clash of Champions.

The pen is bringing down for the headliner, and we're set for break!

Once more from business with a pediatric tumor mindfulness video bundle.

Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns (Steel Cage Match)

Staredown to begin, KO claims he's not going for the entryway, he's going to stay right here and beat Roman senseless. So obviously he runs a good fit for the entryway. Right hand from Roman, and KO makes for the entryway once more. Tries to climb the pen, eats a headbutt and a right hand. Reigns places Owens in the corner and takes his very own couple strikes yet levels Owens with another enormous right. Whip, Owens gets a kick however Roman hits the two tethers and takes after with the jumping rope, and soon thereafter Cole says he's denoting his region, which, ew.

Owens in the corner, Roman with a rope however Owens reclaims over, sending Reigns into the enclosure face-first and searching for a pin, after which we go to our last business break of the night.

Once more from business and both men are climbing the confine, exchanging headbutts. Roman gets the favorable position and includes knee strikes yet KO rakes his eyes to thump him down. Owens can't underwrite, however, as Reigns excursions him up so he lands right on his Jesus Zipper on the top rope. Stinger Splashes with Owens caught between the ropes and the confine, three of them, and he falls into the ring.

Roman with a push kick to lay KO out before he motions for the Superman Punch. Owens to the entryway yet Roman cuts him off. Samoan Drop receives two, leaving Owens in return and Roman feeling his odds. Corner ropes now, yet when he tries to catch up with a running boot KO handles a German suplex and the cannonball. Owens going for the entryway once more, yet Roman gets his leg, welcoming kicks to the ribs consequently, yet when KO goes for the senton Reigns gets his knees up.

Roman offers the knee for a minute and signs for the entryway himself however Owens has the leg consequently. They exchange punches on the mat as they gradually get to their feet. Slaps for a knee, KO searching for the pop-up powerbomb yet Roman recovers the ropes and they go to striking amidst the ring, in the end separating to the hockey punches. Knee to the gut, Roman off the ropes and into a superkick, pop-up powerbomb, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Insufficient!

Roman's getting started up, searching for the lance however KO obstructs with a knee and hits the pop-up powerbomb this time, yet he just gets two and seventy five percent on the pin! Rules is out of it on the mat, so Owens begins climbing. He gets to the top when Roman awakens and gets his lower leg, keeping him from going up and over. Roman pulls him down to the ropes and Owens handles a headbutt and hammers Reigns face-first into the enclosure a couple times, instructing him to simply abandon, it's his appear, he's the person.

Superman Punch thumps Owens off the ropes! Both folks searching for getaways, Roman climbing, Owens searching for the entryway, yet...

Roman Reigns wins by departure, moving over the pen to the floor only a second or two preceding Kevin Owens could.

Rusev heads out to attempt and sucker punch Roman however it's a more even battle than he was relying on. Roman drops him against the means with headbutts and begins stepping a mudhole before KO kicks the entryway into his face and lays him unconscious. Owens hollers for Rusev to "Machka something!" and send Reigns back in the pen.

Owens puts boots to Roman while Rusev goes and gets a chain with a lock on it. Rusev locks the entryway close, they have Roman to themselves! Rusev lays steps in however shuns the Accolade for moving Reigns around and punching his face in. KO turns Roman over and welcomes Rusev to bolt the Accolade on this time.

Seth Rollins is out! He's scaling the pen! Owens hopes to meet him however Seth thumps him down. Same for Rusev. Seth's remaining on top the enclosure, what's he considering... Jumping CROSSBODY ON BOTH MEN FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE!

That is the appear, people.
Location: United Nations Tablet, Utah 84535, USA


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